Luke is an Irish Engine that was sent to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry. On his first day, he was caught in a rockslide and was forgotten about. Several years later, he was found when the Skarloey Railway reopened the Blue Mountain Quarry by some workmen and Thumper. He initially was fine in the quarry, but when a siren went off warning the engines about falling rock due to blasting, he ran away and found Duke. Duke takes him to the Wharf and Luke explains to Duke how he is scared of sirens since when he first arrived, he froze when he heard the siren and was caught up in the rockslide. Duke then explains how he was stuck in a shed for several years and is still a little scared to enter a shed, and encourages Luke to try and overcome his fear by going to the quarry for a little bit every day and building confidence. Luke does and then meets Merrick and talks to him about the quarry. Another siren then goes off warning to clear the top track of the quarry. Luke is nervous but Merrick explains how he is safe, but Peter Sam isn't because he isn't moving out of the way. Luke realizes the trucks are holding Peter Sam back and that's why he isn't moving. Luke then goes out and pushes Peter Sam out of the way; however he pushed too much and pushed the train down the hill making them go to fast and collide with Sir Handel. All the engines commend Luke for his bravery, and Duke commends him for facing his fear.


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