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Lorry 3 is a Horrid Lorry. He has Two Twins named Lorry 2 and Lorry 1.


Oliver and Toad had a game plan one night to sneak off to The Other Railway to rescue Ben and on the way, they saw him with other engines like Stephen, Victor, a car named Caroline and even The Sodor Railway Repair.

Oliver went to rescue Ben and on The Way Back, Two Lorries were Blocking The Path from The Other Railway to The North Western Railway. They Said their Brother insulted Sodor and said it wasn't a Good Railway at all!

Eventually, Oliver snuck off with Ben out of The Other Railway and thus Lorry 3 and his Brother Lorry 2 were Determined to Get Revenge on Oliver.

A few days later, Lorry 2 and Lorry 3 snuck off seeing the bridge that led to The Other Railway. So in order to not pass so that Oliver and his friends Couldn't Rescue The Engines, The Two Started Crashing into The Bridge and Demolishing it.

Later That Night, Oliver snuck off with Stafford, Ryan and Neville to help him Rescue The Other Engines from The Other Railway. Oliver, Neville and Stafford manage to get over the bridge just in time, But Ryan accidentally fell Down Because The Two Troublesome Lorries Broke The Bridge.

Oliver and his friends Rescued The Engines when those two Lorries were still breaking the bridges with Stafford and Flora on it. Oliver ordered them to get off the bridge just as the bridge collapse. The fate for Lorry 2 and his Brother Lorry 3 are Unknown.

Eventually, They appeared in Season 13 The horrid lorries were helping Sailor John at the new Dyinmate Stand while Bert and Mike were Delivering The Ballast. Bert saw this But Mike tells him that they need to go. But Bert wouldn't, so Mike thinks that he's saying go and Push The Train forward an ran Past Sailor John and Those Horrid Lorries and Crash into The Buffers on The Ballast Chute! Sailor John walked up were he greeted everyone along with the horrid lorries pulled up were engines are absolutely shocked that those horrid lorries were back!


  • In The Spanish Version of Keekre24's Series, Lorry 3 is called Camión Tres.
  • In The French Version of Keekre24's Series, Lorry 3 is called Camion Trois.
  • Despite appearing in the background of Season 11, Lorry 3's (and Lorry 2's) official debut was in Oliver's Eleven



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