Lorry 1 is a Red Horrid Lorry. He has Two Brothers Named Lorry 3 and Lorry 2. He is Used for Different Things Like for The Sodor Construction Company.


History: Edit

Lorry 1 Appeared in "Lorry Takes A Tumble" and Has Made Many Cameos.


Season 1: Lorry Takes A Tumble.

Season 2:

Season 3: Lorry's Challenge.

Season 4:

Season 5:

Season 6:

Season 7:

Season 8:

Season 9:

Season 10: Lorry's New Flatbed.

Season 13: It's Good To Be Belle (cameo), Victor's Loco Motives (cameo), Sideplates and Skirmishes (cameo), Hector and Logan's Hot Pursuit (mentioned)

Season 14: Henry Gets Stumped, Quarry Quest, Double-Decker-Wrecker (cameo), Hiro and the Heat Wave (cameo), Furious George.


Trivia: Edit


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