Lexi is a Boisterous Blue Cab-forward Engine.

This is Number 237

Appearances: Lexi the Brave Engine: Season 16: Episode 237.[edit | edit source]

Season 14: Merlin the Magical Engine (mentioned)'[edit | edit source]

  • She will Appear in Season 16: Lexi The Brave: Edward is late delivering some frieght cars, sir topham hatt is cross with him and decides to bring a new engine like him, the engine arrives her name is Lexi, sir topham hatt has three jobs for her, she needs to deliver flour to the bakery, tree's to the warf,and stone cars to the blue mountain qaurry, But then theres a problem, she accidentlly bumps in to Fergus near Thomas' Branchline. Then Rocky arrives He lifts Both engine's back on to the tracks sir topham hatt is very pleased so he would keep Lexi on his railway.
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