Lady is a small purple magical engine that lives on The Magic Railroad. She had many visits to The Island of Sodor, where her visits are enjoyed by the other engines and rolling stock, Thomas in particular and is owned by Burnett stone.

History: Edit

Lady makes her debut in Thomas and the magic railroad where a long time ago before the events Of the film a evil Diesel engine named, diesel 10 threatens to destroy her and chase her which cause her to crash by going too fast and Burnett stone hides her in a mountain to keep her safe. until one day when mr conductor is running out Of gold dust and sends Thomas to find some more while doing so he finds the magic buffers which leads to the magic railroad and with the help of him, Lady was fixed and return to the island of Sodor where Diesel 10 and P.T. Boomer found her chase once more but Thomas Saves her and bring back more gold dust and mr conductor was happy. She later appeared in calling all engines, where she and Rusty were in a dream of Thomas and tells him That steam and Diesel engines need to work together to finish the job in the Sodor airport. She later appears in a fan made movies prequel and sequel of Thomas and the magic railroad. Which are the legend of Diesel 10 and the strange case of splatter and dodge.

Basis: Edit

Lady's Prototype is Unknown - She is Not Particularly Based on any Engine.


Lady is a purple magic engine who lives on The Magic Railroad and helped Thomas defeat Diesel 10 and his evil minions.

Specials: Edit

Trivia: Edit

Lady is the first female steam engine and tank engine introduced in the tv series and wooden railway series and the fourth female engine overall, the first being Daisy, the second being Mavis and the third being Emily. (Who was the second female steam engine and first female tender engine introduced in the series.) and the fifth being Frankie.

Lady was originally going to appear in the season 6 of the real tv series, but was scrapped for unknown reason.

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