Lady is a small purple magical engine that lives on The Magic Railroad. She had payed many visits to The Island of Sodor and wagreer visits are enjoyed by the other engines and rolling stock, Thomas in particular. She Lives on The Magic Railroad and is owned by Burnett stone and Lady is known by Mr. Conductor and Junior: She tries escaping when Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge go on the Magic Railroad.

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Lady's Prototype is Unknown - She is Not Particularly Based on any Engine.


Lady is a purple magic engine who lives on The Magic Railroad and helped Thomas defeat Diesel 10 and his minions.


In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Lady was seen when Thomas first arrived into The Magic Buffers. She was later chased by Diesel 10 and P.T. Boomer went with her away; She later went to Sodor with Thomas where her face was visible, Mr. Conductor and Junior were pleased, She later appeared in Calling All Engines! with Rusty in Thomas’s dream.

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lady is the first female steam engine and tank engine introduced in the tv series and wooden railway series and the fourth female engine overall, the first being Daisy, the second being Mavis and the third being Emily. (Who was the second female steam engine and first female tender engine introduced in the series.) and the fifth being Frankie.

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