Vehicle Character|title1=Glynn|first_appeaGlynn|title=*Glynn The Coffeepot engine|nicknames=*Mr. Coffeepot|gender(s)=Male|country=Sodor|relative(s)=Other Coffeepots|friends=Other Coffeepots|gauge=Standard gauge|power_type=Coal|vehicle=Rail|type=Steam Engine|fuel_type=Coal|wheels=4|drivetrain=Steam Engine|top_speed=20|year_built=1600|year_rebuilt=2015|arrived_on_sodor=1600|visited_sodor=1630|year_scrapped=Almost 1900|number=1|railway=Sodor Railway|owner(s)=Sir Topham Hatt|group(s)=Steam Engine}}

This is Number 1 Glynn


Glynn is a coffeepot engine. He’s cabless which means he has no cab. He is red and has a coffee shaped boiler that’s why he’s called a coffeepot engine. He used to be a number one engine he’s seen covered in vines but he has not been replaced by Thomas so that means there are two number one engines on Sodor. he has appeared in a few episodes, not only in a movie. Glynn has been restored so he’s not covered in vines anymore. At the end of the adventure begins Thomas sees a little figure in the bushes and he says “Hello Mr. coffeepot” and he puffs away. But Glynn says “ But my name isn’t Mr. coffeepot, my name is Glynn“.

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