John is a narrow gauge tank engine who was built in 1903.

Bio Edit

John was built on the Mid-Sodor Railway in 1903 before Jennings arrived, Duke outlasted them all with Duchess, Master, Albert, Freddie, Proteus, Atlas and Alfred. Unlike Smudger, he was turned into a generator in 1904.

After Smudger was turned into a generator, John keep running to Ulfstead Road when he broke down and overhauled.

After Falcon and Stuart arrived, John was abandoned at Arlesdale Shed, three times came and three, many times came until 1908 when the manager bought two new engines, Jim and Tim.

When the railway closed in 1947, he and Jennings were sold to another railway, they were withdrawn until 1996, Jennings was retired and John was scrapped and rebuilt on the Skarloey Railway when he was renamed "Ivo Hugh".

Basis Edit

John's model was built by the Rev. W. Awdry from a OO9 scale Peco Dennis kit, which removed sideplates.

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