"I'm a Really Splendid Engine."

— James' Catchphrase

This is Number #5

James is a Red Mixed Traffic Tender Engine. He thinks himself as The "Pride of the Line" and brags that He's Splendid.

Bio:[edit | edit source]

James is a Mixed Traffic Engine, He can Pull Both Coaches and freight cars, he is very vain and thinks He is really Splendid.

Backstories:[edit | edit source]

In The Television Series, we first saw James in Thomas & The Breakdown Train, where James fell off the rails and onto the grass.

But He was soon put Back on Track by Thomas.

And now works on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway.

Appearances:[edit | edit source]


Basis:[edit | edit source]

James is based on the L&YR Class 28, an 0-6-0 mixed-traffic tender engine built for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway between 1909 and 1912, designed by George Hughes. It was rebuild of the previous Class 27, with some modifications. James is an experimental rebuild, with a 2-6-0 wheel configuration instead of an 0-6-0 and a Fowler tender.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • In the French version of Keekre24's series, James is called Jacques.
  • In the Spanish version of Keekre24's series, James is called Diego.

Gallery:[edit | edit source]

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