Ice Ice Daisy is the thirteenth episode of the fifteenth season.


One day Toby, Percy, and Bertie discuss how happy they are that it is Christmas, Daisy comes in and complains about all her new parts not working,she goes to The Dieselworks and complains to Den and Dart, who are annoyed at her complaining,an angry Daisy heads Back Home. Meanwhile Ryan shunts some Waterworks Cars for Toby, which leak overnight creating ice on the rails,next morning Toby pulls them away, next Daisy comes in on The same platform and slips on the ice crashing into some freight cars.Then a new Snowblowing engine called Dustin arrives and clears the ice off the tracks with a salt car, Daisy is impressed at how nice Dustin is and realizes she has been complaining too much She decides to be nicer, she does all her work with no fuss, is nice to Percy and Toby, apologizes to Den and Dart and thanks Dustin for helping her. Daisy goes off a much nicer engine and goes to spend the holidays with her friends.


Trivia: Edit

  • This marks Dustin's first appearance and Speaking role.
  • Thomas is Shown on Top of Bulgy's Bridge which is Shown to Still be a Toll Booth.
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