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Hiro's Origins
Hiro's Origins 3.jpg

• Special:


• Air Date:

Sep 30, 2012

• Narrator:


• Runtime:

1 hour and 21 minutes

• Preceded by:

Sodor's Last Stand

• Followed by:

Claw of the Law

Hiro's Origins is a movie. 



A man was upset with an engine he own called Hiro. Hiro said it's fine but the man and said it did something bad about the railway. The man was a bit happy if he and Hiro went to see the sighs. Just then a truck called Elizabeth arrived on the mainland she was grumpy when she met Hiro. Then Hiro puffed in to Knapford Station a man in a suit with a top hat stepped out, his name was known as Sir Topham Hatt he had never met an engine as strange as Hiro. Hiro and Sir Topham Hatt had great talk like never before. Hiro was happy then his man said they went to go find the missing engines. Hiro, his owner and Sir Hatt looked everywhere but Hiro was tired then his owner saw something coal they knew it was the missing engines. Hiro was heading for the buffers but because he was blind as a bat he didn't know they were heading to the Other Railway. At the Other Railway Sir Hatt was sick so he took a nap then Hiro and his owner saw the missing engines. The engines Bash,Dash,and Ferdinand were there Hiro was excited to see them. Bash,Dash,and Ferdinand told him to be quiet because they didn't want anyone to hear them then they said since they had run out on coal they run on wood thanks to the diesels. Hiro wanted to help them but they were afraid he would get caught like they did. But Hiro said they'll be okay Hiro coupled up to Bash,Dash,and Ferdinand and they puffed to the Buffers. Hiro stayed for a while then an engine came he wanted to run away but the engine wasn't bad he said he's on the Other Railway. Hiro was surprised as the two talked it was nearly dawn as Hiro puffed to the buffers they heard something. Then two diesels Spamcan and Bowler came to catch the Foreign Engine and took him away. Hiro wanted to help him but his owner said they have leave so they did. On Sodor Hiro,Bash,Dash,and Ferdinand had escaped from the Other Railway Sir Hatt was surprised and so was Bash Dash and Ferdinand but luckily Bash,Dash,and Ferdinand had steam but not Hiro he had rust on his tender and he needed coal and a new tender. Then Hiro said goodbye and the Other Railway engines went to get him coal and explore the mainland,times,years and months past and Hiro wasn't happy his engine parts were weak and he felt sad but things didn't seem bad to Hiro seen he had one and only visitor Thomas.