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Gender: male Friends: Thomas, James and Stanley Enemies: Troublesome Trucks, Rosie, Bill and Ben Behavior Alignment: Good First Appearance: Toby and the New Engine

Hector is a coal hopper truck, he is not like most trucks and is not troublesome. 


When we first met Hector, he was pulled in by Bill and Ben into the quarry. Hector was indeed troublesome and bumped the twins hard: Thomas was not pleased on Hector's first day. The troublesome trucks had a nickname for Hector previously called "Hector the Horrid" and they teased him about it, Thomas was not pleased and was especially not pleased when Hector scared Rosie away. Thomas decided to teach Hector a lesson and bumped him off the rails! Soon, Rocky put Hector on the rails again and Hector apologized.

Hector had explained to Thomas about his problem. He was new and never was shunted into the coal hopper before like other trucks: Thomas wanted to help Hector now. He pushed Hector under the coal hopper and Hector enjoyed it, he was never troublesome again!

Once, James was taking a goods train from Great Waterton. The weather was cold: Hector was happy with what the engines said. However, James wasn't listening to the engines' warnings and chuffed through unhappy. Suddenly, a pile of snow blocked the tracks ahead, Hector and James tried they're best and pushed the snow out of the way! They're line was clear.

The two were pleased and steamed back into Great Waterton. Stanley and Thomas were pleased with Hector and James finding there way back to Great Waterton in safety! The two were pleased about finding there way back and working together pushing the pile of snow.

Hector is a black coal hopper truck. Unlike most trucks, Hector isn't troublesome and enjoys the engines' help.



Hector is based on a coal hopper truck on the British Mainlands.