"George?! Are you here yet?! You're running late, you big green - whoa! You're not George.
No, I'm Ryan. Are you looking for George the steamroller? I haven't seen him around.
- Sailor John and Ryan
Hatt Trick

• Season:


• Episode:


209 (originally)

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Flat Stanley

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Roundhouse Roulette

Saving Pirate Ryan (Originally)

• Main Characters:

Thomas, Ryan and Sailor John

Hatt Trick is the fifteenth episode of the fourteenth season.

Air Date: October 14th 2017 US


On Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt has announcement festival and leaves while Mr. Precival take over. Sir Topham Hatt then decideds to visit Stanley at the Sodor Steamworks to see how he's going, but Ryan and Sailor John had other plans, due to his jealously of Thomas.


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