Harvey's Second Chance
Harvey's Second Chance

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Tender Bender

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Harvey's Second Chance is the fifth episode of the ninth season.


Harvey was feeling very sad and wonder if he could be a really useful crane engine. The engines felt sorry for Harvey Thomas, Gordon, and Stanley were watching him at the yard and could see that Harvey was not happy. Thomas, Gordon, and Stanley, are discussing about Harvey. However then, James appears and tells them while the three remarks about Harvey and James tells about time that Harvey gets out and screechnight his wheels and calls him a chubby but he said it to the engines, that sent the engines overboard and they all furious and leaves after James says inpropriate things. James laughed to himself and calls three of them that it's the truth, but they did not listen, and then, James puffed away proudly. Harvey gets a second chance. To Be Added.


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