Hank is a Dark Blue Tender Engine with a Red Cowcatcher. However, He is one of The Newest Engines on Sodor.

This is Number 22.



Thomas and Percy had heard lots about Hank from Sir Topham Hatt. They heard he was strong: Hank arrived in Brendam soon. Hank did look very strong, he also had a Red Cowcatcher, Sir Topham Hatt said Hank must help Thomas with Three jobs. Thomas, However, was teased by Hank and thought he could do the jobs on his Own.

Hank had been attempted to help Thomas. There was to be a Party for Hank at Maron, Thomas thought he did not need any help from Hank which only made Thomas to be very silly indeed! Hank, However, Wanted to help But Thomas Explained He did not need any Help, However, Hank was Very Strong.

Thomas had just been silly refusing Hank's help, Hank saw Thomas and had seen Thomas had ran out of puff: Thomas still thought he did not need any help and refused Hank's. However, Thomas was out of puff but did not notice about this, Thomas kept standing on the tracks with Hank out of puff which he did not notice, he refused Hank's help but kept moving but did not notice he had ran out of puff!


Hank's Number is 22 First Being Like Rebecca Second Being Like Isabella and Third Being Like Luke

However, Thomas was still out of puff and finally noticed it. However, Hank, on the other hand, wanted to help out: Thomas apologized to Hank and was silly to think he did not need Hank's help. Hank pulled ahead of Thomas and some children saw Thomas and Hank, but Thomas could not whistle because he was out of puff! Hank whistled for Thomas instead, however, the two huffed and puffed into Maron Station where a greeting greeted Thomas and Hank.

Hank is a strong tender engine with a red cowcatcher instead of buffers in the front, he is a kind character but sometimes can be rather slightly goofy! He proves to be Really Useful and proved to be Really Useful during his first day on The Island of Sodor.


Hank is based on a Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Pacific with enclosed buffers.



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