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Gordon's Last Hurrah

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Gordon's Last Hurrah is the seventh episode of the twelfth season.


The engines of Sodor are stunned when The Railway Inspector delivers some shocking news to Gordon. Will he obey the Inspector's orders or not?

If you're up for the challenge, try and spot a secret "24" in this episode as a tribute to NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon!



  • References to the TV Series episodes Off the Rails, Whistles and Sneezes, Gordon and the Famous Visitor, A Better View for Gordon, Gordon Takes a Tumble, Gordon Takes Charge, the Season 9 episode Tender Bender, and the Season 11 episode Old Square Wheels are made.
  • When Sir Topham Hatt and the engines were talking about the The Railway Inspector messing everything up Gordon and Edward's tenders were switched like Gordon had Edward's tender and Edward had Gordon's tender for one shot but in the next shot they both had their original tenders again.
  • The reason why Gordon had Edward's tender and Edward had Gordon's tender for one shot was because it was a secret "24" in the video to honor NASCAR driver; Jeff Gordon, because 2015 was his final NASCAR season as a full-time driver.
  • This marks Victor’s last appearance until Oliver’s Eleven.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Adiós expreso Goodbye Express
French Règle de l'inspecteur des chemins de fer The Railway Inspector's Rule
Finnish Ei Express, No Tehtävät No Express, No Duties
Russian Последний день Гордон из экспресс Gordon's Last Day of the Express
German Letzter Tag für Gordon Last Day for Gordon
Turkish Gordon ve Müfettiş Gordon Vs the Inspector