Go Boldly, Culdee
Go Boldly, Culdee

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Go Boldly, Culdee is the seventh (second in Australia) episode of the thirteenth season.

Air Date: October 29th 2016

Plot Edit

Fresh off their new overhauls in Switzerland, Culdee and Catherine return to Sodor and find a lot has changed - including their line to the top of the Culdee Fell Summit. Will they be able to deliver some crucial cargo to the top of the mountain before winter arrives?

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks Culdee's first major appearance since The Battle of the Branchlines and his first overall since Sodor's Last Stand.
  • This episode presents a continuity error, as Thomas and Culdee know each other in previous appearances.

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Go Boldly, Culdee Thomas & Friends Episode 187

Go Boldly, Culdee Thomas & Friends Episode 187

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