"Haven't seen you in a while. You look like a brand new bus.
Sailor John fixed me up. Maybe he can do the same to you.
I hear you've been spying on me. That's a rather measly thing to do, wouldn't you say?
I'm a steamroller. I do measly things for a living.
Now what do you want? Money? Gems? Treasure? Because I have it all!
Relax, I'm on the same side as you. I don't like the engines and the engines don't like me and Sir Topham Hatt disregards me as a grumpy, inconsiderate machine which is only half true by the way. If you would just give me some valuable worth, I'd be more than happy to keep my silence.
That's my kind of deal. Welcome to the crew, George! I'm guessing you're the type who likes to eavesdrop on other conversations, is that right? Because your careful listening and vast knowledge of this railway might come in handy one day. Just keep a low profile and I'll fix you up and make you a really useful steamroller once again.
That's what those worthless engines get for ignoring me. You've got a deal!
Excellent. If you have any questions, just stop by my place. Not the dynamite stand, I'm hardly ever there, try the abandoned mine beside Ulfstead Castle.
Will do! Thanks for the opportunity, Sailor John. Oh-ho, this is fantastic! I finally have a real job and Sailor John is going to repair me and make me look like a proper steamroller a - *gets knocked over by Percy* hey, ouch! Hey, I'm rolling here! Watch where you're going!
Sorry, George, but you can't be on the track in the middle of the night and not expect to get hit. I'll send for help at my next stop.
Why, you slimy little caterpillar! This is why railways are failing, you'll all be scrapped one day and with any luck, my perfectly paved roads will get the Lorries to the quarry here and back faster than any engine could ever dream of. Oh yes, your time is up, silly steam engines! Roads are in, rails are out. Enjoy your final few moments because you won't be lasting very much longer if I get things my way. Oh-ho, you'll be sorry for ignoring me! Very sorry indeed...
- George, Bulgy, Sailor John and Percy

Furious George
Furious George

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202 (originally)

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Furious George is the eighth episode of the fourteenth season.

Air Date: August 26th 2017


One morning, George sees Sailor John and the horrid lorries take some wood from the woodshop and they all soon leave when George is there. After seeing it, George the steamroller is out to tell the news to the other engines of Sodor.

He goes to tell engines like Percy but he and the other engines don't believe him as he is known for making up stories, though George this time isn't making anything up; nonetheless George continues on his adventure.

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  • This episode's title is a parody of Curious George.

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Furious George Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 203

Furious George Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 203

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