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Francis nicknamed Frank is a diesel shunter who used to work on the Arlesdale Railway. He was brought to the North Western Railway as a replacement with Wilbert after Spamcan and Bowler got sent away in disgrace.


After previous events of Sir Topham Hatt sending away Spamcan and Bowler for being troublesome, he needed two replacement engines to take their places on Sodor.

The two engines arrived the next day, and one was a diesel shunter from the Arlesdale Railway and the other was a saddletank engine from the Dean Forest Railway. Sir Topham Hatt gave the two jobs just to prove how Really Useful they can be. Wilbert was sent to collect gravel with Skarloey and Frank was sent to take trucks.

However, Frank was careless coupling up to the trucks that afternoon: Harvey gave him advice about dealing with trucks but Frank didn't listen and oiled away. Wilbert was a kind and polite engine though who did his work without fuss and had become good friends with Skarloey for the day.

Careless Frank came to a t-switch where diesel shunters named 'Arry and Bert were refusing to move an orange cargo car out of the way. Determined to get back those diesel, Frank bumps the cargo car, hoping it will hit them. Instead, the cargo car was switched that way down the track and Frank runs off and tried to stop it. Skarloey and Wilbert were on the other side talking about Henry's Forest when Frank bumped the cargo car out of his way and set off.

Then trouble began when James was pulling a Knapford Express Coach along a hill. Luckily, Wilbert stops the runaway cargo car before James could derail himself, Wilbert was thanked for saving the day whilst Frank concluded never to mess with 'Arry and Bert after the mishap…


Frank means well and has a good heart, but can tend to be careless often leading him into trouble. Aside from this, Frank is determined to help a friend in need besides his attitude.


Frank is based on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway's Perkins.


Frank is painted light grey with a red stripe and has red nameplates with gold writing.


  • In the Spanish version of Keekre24's series, Frank is called Francisco.
  • In the French version of Keekre24's series, Frank is called Francois.