"She bought it! Heh heh heh!"

— Fergus, after he tricked Molly, Fergus' Day Off, eleventh season

Fergus is a traction engine. His catchphrase is "do it right" and always says it when an engine is doing something wrong. 

first appearance: A Scottish Tale

Appearances:[edit | edit source]

Frank and the Trucks (cameo) and Thomas’ 4th of July (cameo)

Mike Goes on Strike (cameo)

Greetings, Montague!

Cabless Companions (cameo) Season 15: Roundhouse Roulette (does not speak)

Season 16 Painting the Rosie's Red (cameo)

Specials: Oliver's Eleven

Basis[edit | edit source]

Fergus' basis.

Fergus is based on a real traction engine previously named "Blue Circle" which is the same color as Fergus. On occasions, "Blue Circle" has been dressed up as Fergus.

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