"She bought it! Heh heh heh!"

This is Number 23

— Fergus, after he tricked Molly, Fergus' Day Off, eleventh season

Fergus is a traction engine. His catchphrase is "do it right" and always says it when an engine is doing something wrong. 


Fergus was sent to Anopha Quarry to help Bill, Ben and Mavis. Mavis was pleased with Fergus but Bill and Ben were not pleased with Fergus arriving and his "do it right" attitude, Bill and Ben were soon sent to Brendam to collect a rock crusher, Fergus warned them: but the twins took no avail and made as much noise as they could! Fergus pushed the twins out of the way just in time but was covered in rocks.

Once, Salty and Fergus were sent to rescue a person at a stormy night. Salty searched with his lamp while Fergus followed: the person thanked Fergus and Salty when they arrived. The two were happy and set off back to Brendam Docks.

One day, Sir Topham Hatt sent "Devious" Diesel to Anopha Quarry. However, "Devious" Diesel did not know the rules: Fergus did. Diesel was so devious that he bumped into the slate hopper! Fergus told Diesel to "do it right" but Diesel took no avail. Fergus later set off from Anopha Quarry and was lost during the nighttime.

'Arry and Bert were at the Scrapyards and tried scrapping Fergus, Fergus did not want to be scrapped and quickly ran away from the Scrapyards away from 'Arry and Bert. Thomas was sent to go rescue Fergus by Sir Topham Hatt, Fergus was found and was pleased from being rescued from the Scrapyards by Thomas!

Fergus is a small railway traction engine who is known as "the Pride of the Cement Works", whenever something engines do wrong goes on, he always says "do it right" which is his catchphrase. However, the catchphrase can aggravate engines like Bill and Ben, however though, Thomas and Fergus are good friends.



Fergus' basis.

Fergus is based on a real traction engine previously named "Blue Circle" which is the same color as Fergus. On occasions, "Blue Circle" has been dressed up as Fergus.
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