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"She bought it! Heh heh heh!"

— Fergus, after he tricked Molly, Fergus' Day Off, eleventh season

Fergus is a traction engine. His catchphrase is "do it right" and always says it when an engine is doing something wrong. 


Specials: Oliver's Eleven


Fergus' basis.

Fergus is based on a real traction engine previously named "Blue Circle" which is the same color as Fergus. On occasions, "Blue Circle" has been dressed up as Fergus.


  • Fergus is the fourth item to not have black chassis with the first two being Terence and the Sodor Railway Repair, the fourth being Rocky, the fifth being Byron, and the sixth being Stephen's Coaches.
  • Fergus was not featured in the 2009 Yearbook.