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Ferdinand is a Logging Loco. He was Sent along to Misty Island: along with Bash and Dash in The 1960's. 


Ferdinand was built on America in The Autumn of 1902, He Used to Work on a Logging Company with Bash and Dash Until 1917, as They were Shipped to the Mainland.

He, Bash and Dash were Sold to The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway after Working on a Logging Company in The United States, until things changed for them, Bash and Dash were Shunting Engines and Ferdinand was Both a Goods and a Passenger Engine.

In 1924, while Roly's paint is getting old, his driver said to him to pull a heavy goods train to Wood Green but he got broken down and never pulled Roly again, He was Sent to Derby Works to Be Mended.

In 1948, Ferdinand was repainted between blue and green, while Bash and Dash were Repainted Between Blue, green and orange, but The Logging Locos weren't Careful Until They were Sent to Misty Island in The Spring of 1960.

Ferdinand, Bash and Dash found Thomas on Misty Island and Helped Him Collect Jobi Wood to Take Back to Sodor. Unfortunately, Ferdinand and The Twins Ran Out of Oil While Going Through The Misty Island Tunnel. Luckily, Whiff and Percy were able to Rescue Thomas, Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand and Took Them all Back to Sodor. Ferdinand Then Helped with The Completion of The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre along with Bash and Dash.

Ferdinand Later Helped Gordon Deliver The Lion of Sodor to The Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House.





Ferdinand is a Climax Class C Used for Hauling Logs.

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