Edward Breaks Down is the eighth episode of the tenth season.

Edward Breaks Down
Edward Breaks Down

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A Normal Day for Dennis

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Coal Crisis


Wilbert was helping Edward with the trucks up to the Henry's tunnel troublesome trucks pushing Edward of the ravine, but Wilbert was saving Edward Stephey arrive with sir topham hatt on board went Edward sent to works to get fixed a few hours later Edward was good as new sir topham hat sent him to narrow gauge railway just then a strange truck arrive with edward side rods package was dropped off suddeny the truck was sped away fast Freddie chases a strange truck around the Narrow Gauge Railway finally, the truck stopped Freddie followed him and stop just a door open and then it was a brown man he looked wondered what anyone telling him to stop, but he could'nt see anyone because Fearless Freddie was hiding so the man step back on truck


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