There are two types of drives which specialize in operating engines, buses and other vehicles. 

Engine Drivers[edit | edit source]

The engine drivers (generally known as engineers in the US narration) drive and maintain the engines, and along with the firemen, keep the engine in control and provide a voice of reason when an engine is being difficult. 

Uniform[edit | edit source]

A North Western Railway steam engine driver's uniform consists of dark blue trousers, a black tie, a white shirt with a blue jacket with light blue accents over it and a blue peaked cap. This dress code is the same for drivers on the Arlesdale Railway

Diesel engine drivers wear a similar, though less formal, uniform, with theVicarstown Dieselworks logo on the jacket and a brown cap. 

The drivers on the Skarloey Railway wear the same outfits, but in grey instead of blue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • To date, six drivers have been named: Charlie Sand, Edward's driver, Joe, Culdee's driver, Matt Reynolds, Murdoch's driver, Bob, Thomas' driver, Jack Owen, Stepney's driver, and Franz, Hugo's driver in the CGI switchover.  
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