"That was quite a show! I guess your controller won't be too pleased when he finds you like this... or I could hide you away and get you repaired in exchange for a few favors regarding me dynamite here. What do you say?
I'll do anything not to let Sir Topham Hatt find me like this. You got a deal.
Welcome to the crew, me hearty!
- Sailor John and Bulgy


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Double-Decker-Wrecker is the fourth episode of the fourteenth season.

July 8th 2017 US

Plot Edit

After getting kicked out of Tidmouth for his rude behavior, Bulgy sets his sights on the Arlesdale Railway and chaos ensues when Mike gives him a hard bump that takes him around Sodor and back to Arlesdale.

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Trivia Edit

  • Bulgy breaks the fourth wall as he says, "Out of my way, you toy trains!"
  • This finally marks Emily’s first appearance since Wilbert’s tragic day.

Goofs Edit

  • Bulgy would have been blown up after slowing down in the crates of dynamite.
  • Oliver and Kelly are smiling as Bulgy harasses Mike.

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Double-Decker-Wrecker Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 199

Double-Decker-Wrecker Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 199

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