"That was quite a show! I guess your controller won't be too pleased when he finds you like this... or I could hide you away and get you repaired in exchange for a few favors regarding me dynamite here. What do you say?
I'll do anything not to let Sir Topham Hatt find me like this. You got a deal.
Welcome to the crew, me hearty!
- Sailor John and Bulgy


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Double-Decker-Wrecker is the fourth episode of the fourteenth season.

July 8th, 2017 US

Plot: Edit

After Getting Kicked out of Tidmouth for his Rude behavior, Bulgy sets his sights on The Arlesdale Railway and chaos ensues when Mike gives him a hard bump that takes him around Sodor and Back to Arlesdale.

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Trivia; Edit

  • Bulgy Breaks tTe fourth wall as He says, "Out of my Way, You Toy Trains!"
  • This finally marks Emily’s first appearance since Tricky Trucks, But as The Seasons and Episodes go Through, She Doesn’t Have a Speaking Role. It is unknown if She Would have a Speaking Role.

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Double-Decker-Wrecker Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 199

Double-Decker-Wrecker Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 199

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