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This is an article about the Standard Gauge Engines. You maybe looking for the narrow gauge engine, see Douglas (narrow gauge).

"Losh sakes!"

— Donald and Douglas' line whenever something goes wrong

This is Number 9

This is Number 10 Configuration 2-6-2

Donald and Douglas are Black Twin Scottish Tender Engines. 


Donald and Douglas are two Scottish Twin Engines; when they first arrived on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway, they were cheeky and liked to Play tricks, But most of that has changed.




In Season 1, The Two Engines had different jobs on the railway,Donald pulls a special coach on his own branchline, however, his brother, Douglas is still a shunter in the yard and he doesn't like shunting that much, but after an accident, Douglas gets the job he had always dreamed of.

In Season 3, Bowler and Spamcan tried to scrap the Spiteful Break Van and some trucks, but this was stopped by Donald, and Douglas was mentioned.

In The Special, Thomas & The Storm, Douglas only appeared and he told Thomas about The Storm.


Donald and Douglas were bought from Scotland in 1959, Sir Topham Hatt introduced them to his railway then; the two were jokers but very excited. Sir Topham Hatt told them that painters will give the two numbers and nameplates. The two were indeed pleased.

After getting their numbers and nameplates, the two engines set off to work with Duck, they were proud of it and Duck told the two to watch out for Gordon, James and Henry, Donald and Douglas soon settled them and Donald accidently forgot to shunt Thomas' Special Coach. The Spiteful Brakevan was settled by Donald and the brakevan was soon in pieces!

After Edward told Douglas him and Trevor were friends, Douglas found out about the Scrapyards; he saved Oliver and Oliver's brakevan, Toad from Scrap. The two were soon new again.

Donald and Douglas were surprised when the Red Balloon came to Sodor. They thought what would they think of next.

They were practical jokers but one of they're jokes got back at them when Donald and Douglas were taking a heavy load to Castle Loch; the mist lifted but Harvey and the Breakdown Train came to rescue them.

Donald and Douglas are practical joker engines. They dislike to be parted and their jokes have continued and like Scotland but also like the Island of Sodor. The two are known by their original numbers.



Donald and Douglas are based on a blue real tender engine. Several members of this class were built; only three are left: the sole survivor of the class in real life, donald, and douglas.



"No, I'm Scottish, and I get to pull it!"
"But I'm Scottish, too!"
"I'm in this shed and the other side is surrounded by animals, and you know I don't like animals."

-An argument between Donald and Douglas, A Scottish Tale, first season.

"Oh my gosh, what are they doing here? Sir Topham Hatt never bought them back to the railway."
"I know."

-Donald and his Driver, Donald Visits The Scrapyard, third season.