"Let's pay him out!"

— Cargo cars, Diesel Knows It All

Diesel CGI
"Devious" Diesel, as his name implies, is a sinister diesel shunter and the first diesel engine to arrive on Sodor who originates from the Other Railway.

Apperances Edit

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4:

Season 5:

Season 6:

Season 7:

Season 8:

Season 9:

Season 10:

Season 11:

Season 12:Henry's Handcar Havoc

Season 13:Sam I Am

Season 14:Hatt Trick (cameo)

Trivia Edit

  • Mentioned in the Season 13 Update, Keekre24 stated that he will not be using the 2013 CGI Diesel Model by Mattel because it is slightly rounded and it has a happy face, which does not suit Diesel's personality very well. Instead, he used the 2012 CGI Diesel Model by TOMY because it isn't as rounded as the 2013 model and it has a face that suits Diesel's personality best.


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