Facts about Derek

Derek is a British Rail Class 17.

His name was going to be Paxman.

Derek did not have a name in the model series he was just name "The new diesel".

Derek appeared cameo in "Calling All Engines" during a song.

Derek's back can slide in and out.

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Derek is a diesel engine with bad "teething" troubles. He works at Anopha Quarry.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Sir Topham Hatt decided that Bill and Ben needed help at Anopha Quarry. He bought Derek to his railway; unfortunately, Derek overheated when he came to a hill.

BoCo soon came to Derek's rescue.

Percy teased Bill and Ben about Derek having a toothache. The next morning; Derek came to help the twins with a train of trucks.

Unfortunately, Derek soon overheated when he came to a hill he didn't expect. He soon stopped; leaving Bill and Ben having to pull the train and Derek at the same time.

Derek is a friendly diesel engine with bad teething troubles. He overheats every time he comes to a hill; he is often found working at Anopha Quarry with Bill and Ben.

Appearances:[edit | edit source]

Season 1: 

Toby and the New Engine (does not speak)

Season 2:
Scarloey and Rheneus depart for Crewe

Old Slow Coach (episode)


Season 3: Donald Visits the Scrapyard


Rusty Rocks the Railway


Season 4: Duncan and the Passengers

Rosie’s wild ride
Arthur and the Fights of the Brown Turntable
Season 10:
Bee Yourself, James
Hank and the Hatt St Crossing (does not speak)

Holly Jolly Molly (cameo)

Greetings, Montague!(cameo)
Season 14:

Quarry Quest

Henry’s hill
Luke Dukes It Out
Bad News Bear 

(does not speak)' ', Bowler Strikes Again


Paxman Pulls Through, Ace in the Hole (cameo)


(not named; does not speak)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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