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Derek is a diesel engine with bad "teething" troubles. He works at Anopha Quarry.


Sir Topham Hatt decided that Bill and Ben needed help at Anopha Quarry. He bought Derek to his railway; unfortunately, Derek overheated when he came to a hill.

BoCo soon came to Derek's rescue.

Percy teased Bill and Ben about Derek having a toothache. The next morning; Derek came to help the twins with a train of trucks.

Unfortunately, Derek soon overheated when he came to a hill he didn't expect. He soon stopped; leaving Bill and Ben having to pull the train and Derek at the same time.

Derek is a friendly diesel engine with bad teething troubles. He overheats every time he comes to a hill; he is often found working at Anopha Quarry with Bill and Ben.



(not named; does not speak)