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Connor is a streamlined tender engine from the Mainland, designed for speed. He has his own rake of coaches painted in a similar colour scheme to his own. He sometimes visits Sodor by bringing passengers from the Mainland.

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Real life basis

Connor is based on a New York Central Railroad J-3a Hudson built by Alco of Schenectady, New York. Ten J-3a Hudsons, 5445 through 5454 were built with streamlined shrouds designed by Henry Dreyfuss in 1938 in order to do heavy hauling at a greater speed, most famously hauling the 20th Century Limited between New York City and Chicago. Following a grade crossing accident with a sand truck in East Chicago in 1945, the J-3a's had their streamlining removed. All of the NYC Hudson locomotives were scrapped and only one Hudson tender converted into a generator survived.