Claw of the Law

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• Original Air Date:

January 15, 2014

• Air Date:

March 20, 2015

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• Runtime:

1 hour and 21 minutes

• Preceded by:

Hiro's Origins

• Followed by:

Oliver's Eleven

Claw of the Law is the eighth special of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures which was released at the end of the eleventh season.


The film starts in a deep, dark scene on the Other Railway where only diesels are and they are waiting for an arrival.

Norman tells the diesels that he doesn't know why the steam engines would forget about him after Paxton going to the Big City. Den and Dart are there and are also proud they are not scrapped because of being saved.

Just then the Master of Mischief oils in deviously, Diesel 10! Once again, he has a plan that involves taking over the railway and getting rid of steam engines and all of the diesels are part of his plan for world domination…

He tells Den that he'll need to be taken in by an old raft to Brendam Docks to the North Western Railway the next morning while Dart will cause a distraction with a bright cargo car on the tracks for an accident.

Diesel, 'Arry and Bert however are not involved in this plan because of being on the North Western Railway and "betrayal". Diesel 10 tells the diesels he needs to talk to his bumbling sidekicks Splatter and Dodge for awhile for more ideas!

Splatter and Dodge wait for the arrival of Diesel 10 who oils in just then; Splatter and Dodge ask him questions about Den, Dart and the other diesels about his plan. Diesel 10 tells them that the plan starts the next day and that the steam engines will be sorry to ever mess with him.

The next day, Dart starts speeding up putting a bright cargo car in the Yard and racing away. Thomas tells him to get back here but Dart is nowhere to be seen and the chase continues. Trevor asked Thomas if he was alright Thomas said he was and told him that he almost had the small red diesel but Trevor told to forget him and the important thing is he's alright. Then Percy arrived with Sir Topham Hatt who also asked if he was alright he said he was then Sir Topham Hatt told Percy to get Harvey and Rocky to lift Thomas back on the line but Thomas told Percy to get after the diesel but Sir Topham Hatt 's mind was made up he then asked Thomas where he found the diesel he said he was doing something with a cargo car and he went away and he chased him. Just then Percy arrived with the breakdown crane. Sir Topham Hatt asked and said about Harvey,Rocky,and the breakdown crane Percy said there was more trouble in the yard and that's panominam and they have to get to the Yards in a hurry. Sir Topham Hatt agreed but crane couldn't reach Thomas so he asked Trevor if he could help. Trevor said he's old but he could try and he did so the breakdown crane was able to put Thomas back on the rails. Sir Topham Hatt asked him he was hurt but Thomas said Trevor's field was soft as a field can be then they raced to the Yard.

When they arrived they were shocked to see Henry,Edward,and James altogether Terence said it was a big crash Sir Topham Hatt wondered to himself if the passingers were okay Harvey saw Percy with the other breakdown crane and they need it Percy said he can help. Sir Topham Hatt stepped closer and asked them if they were hurt. Edward said he's broosted and batered,James was sad about the coaches they were empty but the windows were broken Sir Topham Hatt said they'll fix that and Henry said he felt silly and he said he tried to stop from the cargo car when he saw it in the way and he crashed and Edward said he crashed into Henry and James said he crashed into both of them. Sir Topham Hatt wasn't upset then he thought about the diesel he turned to Thomas and said he saw the engine with the car Thomas said he did and he pushed the orange car. James and Henry asked what they're talking about but Sir Topham Hatt said nothing but he didn't understand why the singalman didn't know that. Gordon said it was he's fault he was telling the singalman about the coal and they didn't noticed the car until it was too late. James was cross that he made them crash and look silly, Sir Topham Hatt told him to be quiet and told Gordon to get some rest that he had a long day. James was upset that Gordon shouldn't get rest and he should help with the mess. Sir Topham Hatt told him he worked all day making Henry tell them about the time he bumped BoCo out of the turntable because he went to take the Sodor Railway Repair. Thomas was cross that he told him not to tell anyone Edward said that word gets around quickly Gordon was cross and sped away. Sir Topham Hatt sighed and said that was enough out of everyone and saw trains beginning to pile up and was afraid everything was going to get delayed and he and Thomas raced away, suggesting about the red diesel and they stopped in front of the Sodor Railway Repair Sir Topham Hatt said the world is getting better and better alright the Sodor Railway Repair nodded feeling impressed Thomas thought he doesn't talk much Oliver told him that everything was good and that he's waiting for Edward's ballast train. Thomas said it would take a while since there was a crash at the goods sheds Oliver said he was glad everyone was okay even Thomas who was chasing a diesel and Thomas joked that the Sodor Railway Repair got a front row seat for this the Sodor Railway Repair looked away shyly.

Sir Topham Hatt told Oliver to carry on with his work and look for a fast red diesel then he and Thomas went to Elsbridge Station so he can think. The controller thank Thomas and he puffed away. Sir Topham Hatt couldn't believe that his island was invated again that a blue diesel( known as Sidney) told him about some thing Diesel 10 was doing,but he wasn't sure so he decided to find out why. Later Sir Topham Hatt went to the sheds where Diesel,'Arry,& Bert were resting Sir Topham Hatt tried to get them his attention Diesel was cross he woke them up.

Sir Topham Hatt excued them for thinking they're helping the Other Railway diesels. The Sodor diesels said they're not Sir Topham Hatt thought they playing a game so he said if the diesel was caught he would have consequences about them not being in the shed. Then Sir Topham Hatt saw lots of engines at Brendem Docks so he went to go and see what they're doing. Diesel said 'Arry and Bert were going to get them in trouble when Bowler and Spamcan came out of the sheds the Sodor diesels were cross and said they're not helping them anymore. Bowler tried to convince them by telling them if they help they'll let them go. Diesel said they're doing that again Bowler then asked them if they found Norman and that he should in the Other Railway and they should to but Diesel said Norman's made his decision and so have they. Spamcan said he's disappointed with them he ripped his engine and told them to move to the scrapyard and he and Bowler herded Diesel,'Arry,and Bert away.

Meanwhile Sir Topham Hatt made his way to the docks he told his engines to get to work,but Donald said Captain was pushing something Sir Topham Hatt asked what that was Salty said it was a raft and an engine Gator the newcomer was surprised that lots of new engines are on Sodor. Captain pushed the raft to the dock Den noticed everyone looking at him unhappy. Den said he was from a bad railway Sir Topham Hatt said if he's story true he stay or if it's fake he can go where he came from then he said he can come ashore Whiff and Donald were surprised Whiff said Den could be another introoder Sir Topham Hatt asked how'd they know that. Aurther whispered that word gets around quickly Captain said that the raft was going to sink any minute. Sir Topham Hatt said Den can come ashore but Den said he and raft don't mind Captain joked that his raft is as sturdy as Sir Topham Hatt was after a good meal everyone laughed execpt Sir Topham Hatt,then Captain said the ropes were lose too and Den suddenly remembered when Diesel 10 say he should float away. Sir Topham Hatt made his mind up he told Gator to show Den around Sodor and he went to do something important.

As Sir Topham Hatt left the engines were still not convince with Den but Den said he's trying to escape from scrap Donald looked at Den and he said he was about to do the same and the engines began to warm up to Den. Meanwhile Sir Topham Hatt noticed Diesel,'Arry,and Bert had left then Duck arrived Sir Topham Hatt told him if he can take him to the Yard and they left. Harvey was just finishing the last of the choas Duck was surprised that there was a big crash one he had never seen before. Harvey said the broken parts are cleared Rickey was cross saying he's not smashed and that he did a good job crashing Sir Topham Hatt told Harvey to take Rickey to get a new paint color and a new attitute Harvey agreed and to the works. Duck said he had never seen a big crash they two watched the sunset Sir Topham Hatt told Duck if he can do a favor for him Duck was puzzled but agreed then he asked if he can give him a ride home but Sir Topham Hatt said he can walk and that he needs to think and he left.

Duck had never seen Sir Topham Hatt acting like that and left to the sheds,when he arrived he told the other engines the story.James said what if their controller just invite the diesels for tea. Then he said that Gator is just helping the diesels Paxton said some diesels aren't mean Edaward saw he had a point and that there are too many crashes for his liking Gordon then snickered that Henry put a cargo car in the line. Henry was cross that Gordon was up to something with Sir Topham Hatt and he wanted him to tell them what's going on Gordon said it's nothing James said that was such an excuse Gordon was cross thinking that James broke his express coaches James argued with him that he's not pulling the express, (not knowing that there was a diesel putting a cargo car to cause a crash.) Thomas finally had enough and explains that there was a diesel was messing around and that they should get some rest and get ready for tomorrow Edward said he was right and that made Oliver,Rosie,and Percy agreed.

Behind the sheds Dart and Norman were listing to the engines Norman said they're thinking he's not his own. Dart was happy about the domination was becoming a blast and he went away. Norman stayed a little bit he couldn't help himself but he missed the company of the engines and his friend Paxton. But Norman didn't want to upset Diesel 10 and he followed Dart into the night.

The next day Thomas getting ready for his train some engines were asleep and some were doing their jobs Thomas hoped the day wouldn't be bad like yesterday. When Thomas arrived at Knapford Station he saw Paxton wasn't here to take his train James left and Paxton didn't turn up yet. Just then Gator & Den arrived Gator introdues him to Den Thomas was happy then he asked him he's seen Paxton but Gator said he hasn't and he hasn't seen Salty or BoCo at the Docks. Suddenly Den realised something Diesel 10 said about Bowler and Spamcan rounding the remaining diesels Den was worried Thomas asked what was wrong,but Den said nothing and he and Gator went away.

Thomas was cross about not helping Percy then arrived he was sorry he was late Thomas was happy that he was out of trouble. Then Percy said he hasn't seen Mavis or Derrick Thomas said they'll turn up ,but just he was about to leave when Sir Topham Hatt walked out of the office he said that the Railway Inspector is coming. Thomas & Percy were surprised Thomas asked why they should go but the controller said no time and said Percy can take his branchline and the cars can wait and he and Thomas went off. On their way they passed Elsbrigde Station and saw Daisy's milk tanker Sir Topham Hatt was upset that Daisy was late. At the Airport Jermey had arrived with the Railway Inspector Thomas was cross that he should've broght Annie and Clarabel Sir Topham Hatt told him to get a coach and quickly. Just then Billy arrived with a coach for Stepney Sir Topham Hatt said it was perfect but Thomas saw something under Toby's Windmill he raced after the diesel Sir Topham Hatt didn't see the diesel but he wanted Thomas to take the trip but Thomas went after the diesel anyway. Sir Topham Hatt wasn't happy so Billy had to do the tour Billy was nervous but Sir Topham Hatt said there was no time for another engine. Sir Topham Hatt was pleased to see the Railway Inspector was pleased and said about the time a bus named Bulgy was rude to him and his great western engines were good to him and he was return and he did. Then he saw a coach and Billy he was nervous and studdered saying" B-B-B-Billy'' and it made the Railway Inspector think that's his real name. The Railway Inspector asked Sir Topham Hatt if he could join him but he said he has other things to worry about,but the Railway Inspector said controllers join him for the tour Sir Topham Hatt realised he didn't have a choice so him trying to feel happy agreed and they set off. Meanwhile Gator & Den arrived at Wellsworth Station Gator said he loves Sodor and that he can't wait to stay Den said he has a bad railway he doesn't like. Gator thought he has the wrong controller and Den wondered if Sir Topham Hatt isn't that bad. Then Gator said they should keep going and meet the Sodor Railway Repair and Den rolled slowly away. Later Billy was passing Tidmouth Sheds and the Railway Inspector was impressed but he thought diesels are better. Billy grunted and bumped the coach and said he pretended he hit a bump and they set off.

Oliver was pleased to see Gator & Den Gator said he used to be scrapped but Douglas saved him and Toad Den was thinking about scrapping Oliver,then Gator indroudued Den to the Sodor Railway Repair and that he doesn't talk much and that he can get used to him. Gator steamed off and Den slowly followed he was thinking about Diesel 10 saying about Sodor and that he doesn't want to help him then Gator said they still have the tour and Den rolled behind. Back with the tour Billy was showing the Railway Inspector about the washdown the Railway Inspector was pleased so far but that he hasn't seen any diesels Sir Topham Hatt said he may be working hard but not as hard as his steam engines. When they arrived in the Shunting Yards they saw Bowler & Spamcan with the diesels it was Diesel,'Arry,Bert,BoCo,Daisy,Derrick,Mavis,Salty and Dennis and Paxton. The Railway Inspector was surprised to see this Sir Topham Hatt was also and trying not to lose his temper,he said that they've seen enough of the Yard. Billy saw this raced away frighted Spamcan asked Bowler if he's heard anything but he said he didn't Paxton shouted to Billy to warn the other engines Bowler told him to be quiet and Billy raced away.

The Railway Inspector was puzzled about the ride and he wanted to see the island one more time. Sir Topham Hatt studdered that he can't they came to Elsbridge Station but Billy was so nervous he stopped short of the platform the Railway Inspector was still unconvince about the ride but he was happy Sir Topham Hatt 's railway and he and Sir Topham Hatt climbed up the bidsteren bridge and Sir Topham Hatt saw something it was Norman and Dart Sir Topham Hatt was still trying to sound happy and said he should go but the Railway Inspector didn't want to go and he said he hasn't seen the narrow gauge railway yet. Just then Sir Topham Hatt saw a failimar figrue in the distance he said problems and he said if could wait in Elsbridge Station it would be fantasic but still the Railway Inspector reused then the budestin bridge began to shake Sir Topham Hatt shouted ''Jump" and he and the Railway Inspector jumped. Diesel 10 moved forward he was happy he was back the Railway Inspector was so frighted he ran away into a field Diesel 10 was glad that Sir Topham Hatt didn't know what to do he was about to grab him with Pinchy when George came rolling up a little too fast he crashed into the staion on Diesel 10 and missed Sir Topham Hatt.

Diesel 10 was upset with George George said he was sorry and he forgot about how fast he could go. Diesel 10 saw he couldn't reach Sir Topham Hatt and he knew this too Diesel 10 said once pushed the station he and Sir Topham Hatt can have a talk that's long,then Thomas raced in he came to take Sir Topham Hatt away and the two raced away Diesel 10 was cross and told Norman and Dart to get them and the red diesels raced away. Sir Topham Hatt was glad Thomas saved him but Thomas said there was trouble in the Yard so Sir Topham Hatt told Thomas to go straight ahead Thomas was puzzled but he went on anyway Norman and Dart raced ahead toward the junction but they didn't know the points changed.

The rails creaked under Thomas he was worried if it was safe Sir Topham Hatt said it was and said that Gordon's a lot heavier of an engine then he is Thomas was puzzled but he soon found out as puffed through the trees he saw the Flying Scotsman! Thomas was amazed Sir Topham Hatt said he's been busy seen he's been the best engine and he was a protector Thomas had never seen an engine do that before but he thought he must be lonely all by himself. The Flying Scotsman said sometimes he gets a visitor Thomas was puzzled about that the Flying Scotsman said his brother Gordon visits him. Thomas realised it all made sense because Gordon went on the old track was because he's been visiting his brother. The Flying Scotsman was happy to see Thomas but also puzzled why Sir Topham Hatt bought him here. Sir Topham Hatt said he bought him because they're trying to escape from Diesel 10. The Flying Scotsman thought they would be safe here but Sir Topham Hatt was afraid they wouldn't and said Diesel 10 isn't looking for Thomas,him,or diesel oil he's looking for the magic gold dust. The Flying Scotsman had been protecting it but then Sir Topham Hatt had a plan they would take the gold dust and put in somewhere Diesel 10 wouldn't find it he asked Thomas to find a car and he'll stay with the Flying Scotsman. Thomas raced back to get a car,but when he arrived at the Airport it was quiet until he heard the sound of a whistle and a voice he knew well it was Spencer with a very different paint color. Thomas was cross Spencer was helping the diesels again then Splatter & Dodge came behind him very cross Spencer began to boast about Diesel 10 getting him a new coat of paint and he should be his second leader and he order them to go to the Yard and they rattled away. Thomas was very mad at Spencer then Jermey peeked out of his shed Thomas was glad to see Jermey he said the Railway Inspector didn't return but Thomas said he will. Thomas thought he should get a car from the Yard but Jermey said it was crawling with diesels then he said Rickey was left on the bridge Thomas was glad and he puffed away. On his way to the bridge he saw the Elsbridge platform was pushed aside Thomas felt sorry for the station as he came to the Sodor Suspintion Bridge Rickey was there Thomas was happy to see him. Rickey was cross but he said if he liked he's tough up Thomas quickly said yes but he said they should go quickly. Rickey grumbled then he saw something Thomas looked down and saw Spencer,Splatter and Dodge with the Sodor Railway Repair Thomas was worried,Spencer told the Sodor Railway Repair he would ask him the question again Splatter and Dodge tried to tell him he can't talk but Spencer didn't listen.

As the drawbridge rose up a tugboat was coming but Spencer pushed the Sodor Railway Repair one of his cars dipped in the water Spencer was glad he still tried to let him talk Splatter & Dodge told him if it's really necessary Spencer still wanted answers and pushed him again. The Sodor Railway Repair's second car went in the water Thomas was surprised Spencer almost had enough and he pushed the Sodor Railway Repair in the water and was swipped away by the currents. Thomas and Rickey were horrifid Splatter and Dodge said he wasn't supposed to be in the sea but Spencer said he deserved it then Den rounded the bend he told Thomas to take Rickey and not get caught by Diesel 10 and Spencer Thomas was surprised Den decided to tell Thomas he said he was part of Diesel 10's team but he wants to help him. Thomas was surprised but agreed and he and Rickey raced back to Sir Topham Hatt and the Flying Scotsman,when he arrived the Flying Scotsman was pleased to see him but Thomas was worried he told Sir Topham Hatt that Spencer pushed the Sodor Railway Repair in the sea Sir Topham Hatt and the Flying Scotsman were shocked. Sir Topham Hatt realized that the diesels are invading and it was big so it was time they'd save the day the Flying Scotsman asked the controller to collect the gold dust on the truck Rickey was cross about his name so Sir Topham Hatt put the gold dust on Rickey. Meanwhile Den was trying not get caught then Spencer came around the bend Den was cross he said he and Diesel 10 were lies that Sodor is rubbish Spencer argued that it is Den was surprised that he saw he pushed the Sodor Railway Repair in the sea and that Splatter & Dodge weren't here Spencer said they went to tell Diesel 10 Den said he wouldn't help if he was scrapped and he backed away Spencer followed him.

At the Yard Diesel 10 was giving orders: Bowler was to take the express,Spamcan was to take Annie,Clarabel,and Henrietta to the scrapyard,Norman to make sure the trailers don't escape and George to destory the magic buffers. Just then Splatter & Dodge arrived they tried to tell Diesel 10 what Spencer did but Diesel 10 didn't want to hear Spencer's nonsense and he and Sidney rattled away. Mavis was unconvince about Norman was doing this Norman was saying don't exscue like"Hello Norman" and "What have you been Norman?" Norman said he's been looking Paxton but he thought no one was looking for him BoCo said they were Diesel agreed and Daisy said it was time he did the right thing Norman realized she was right. At Tidmouth Sheds Percy wondered where Thomas was Toby and Edward thought he was doing something with Sir Topham Hatt then Dart arrived and said to be quiet Gordon said they're trying to talk Dart said if they're not quiet he'll tell Diesel 10 Duck and James teased Dart he was slowly cross. At last Sir Topham Hatt loaded the gold dust on Rickey the Flying Scotsman was pleased he told Thomas to take Rickey the truck Rickey was still cross about his name Thomas bumped then he puffed away the Flying Scotsman's firebox was warming up and Sir Topham Hatt went for a ride in him and the Flying Scotsman. Thomas raced back to the junction just as Diesel 10 and Sidney raced toward him Thomas quickly raced away. Diesel 10 stopped he was pleased he was finally going to get the gold dust Sidney wasn't but he was asked to go do something else Diesel 10 was sure he would get the gold dust. The Flying Scotsman was puffing fast he saw Diesel 10 Sir Topham Hatt told him to knock him off the rails Diesel 10 saw this and leaured forward with Pinchy and he and the Flying Scotsman came toward each other the Flying Scotsman pushed Diesel 10 off the rails Diesel 10 wasn't happy the Flying Scotsman asked if he can watch him but Sir Topham Hatt said he can't and he went to tell Thomas and the other engines.

At the sheds the engines were bored so was Dart so he told them the story how Diesel 10 saved him and Den the engines groaned then Gordon had an idea he asked Dart if his story was true Dart said"yes" but frankly then Gordon said they should talk how mean Diesel 10 is Dart said he's not and said he's doing the right thing Toby said it isn't Gordon said Diesel 10 is a coward Dart was cross and turn to face Gordon he was going to say what he saw Diesel 10 do when Duck cried"Now" and Gordon into a ditch the engines cheered Gordon then told them a song "Silly old Dart got pushed in a ditch pushed in a ditch pushed in a ditch. Silly old Dart got pushed in a ditch all because he's boring" Edward was pleased James apologized to Gordon but Gordon said it was his fault and he suggested they work together the engines agreed Henry shouted to find Thomas and get their railway back. Meanwhile George was getting to the buffers when Jack stopped him he asked him a lot of questions George tried to get him to move but Jack didn't. Just as George was about to answer Jack's last question the Flying Scotsman came around the bend and crashed and knock George on his side the Flying Scotsman saw this and apologized but Sir Topham Hatt wasn't cross he was he stopped him even Jack. Jack was pleased but was also puzzled what he did again Sir Topham Hatt was proud of the Flying Scotsman and the two were off.

Meanwhile Thomas was trying to find a hiding place for Rickey when Den and Spencer came 'round the bend and up the hill Thomas could see there was going to be a crash he told Den to stop but Den didn't he crashed into Thomas and Rickey Rickey went off the tracks and gold dust went everywhere Den was sorry about the crash but curious about Thomas's paint color. Thomas opened his eyes and saw him he chuckled about him Spencer brake hard if Thomas saw him he was going to get caught so he raced away very quickly. Just then Paxton arrived he was glad Thomas was fine but surprised to see him gold. Thomas was surprised to see out of the Yard Paxton said Norman let them go then he saw he found one of his henchmen Thomas said Den is his friend but Paxton firmly said he also helped Diesel 10 Den was sad it was Sir Topham Hatt who had to think about it Rickey though was taken to the works again by Harvey.

At the Yard the Flying Scotsman,Percy,Gator and Douglas were there Douglas noticed Thomas was gold and he needed a washdown Thomas joked not as much as Dart who was being toeted by Butch and the diesels were in sidings. Gator said he and Percy caught Bowler and the express and Douglas said he caught Spamcan with Annie,Clarabel and Henrietta going to the scrapyard.

Sir Topham Hatt spoke sternly to the diesels that he wants them gone Thomas told not send Den back Sir Topham Hatt agreed Den was happy and Sir Topham Hatt said Norman can stay too 'cause it was his fault for not knowing he was gone. Norman was surprised and happy he would be staying,as for Diesel 10 and his henchmen they have to go by the Flying Scotsman. Diesel 10 was sure next time he would get the gold dust Sidney and Spamcan were surprised and puzzled about what he said Dart said he didn't tell them Gator thought it was going to be an unhappy trip back.

That night at Tidmouth Sheds Thomas puffed back with his friends Sir Topham Hatt said he had some bad news Thomas said Spencer threaten the Sodor Railway Repair and he was washed away by the currents. Gordon & Oliver were sad that there friend was lost luckily Captain and Bulstrode would help Percy asked about Spencer Sir Topham Hatt said he left quickly and there are engines looking for him then he told Thomas to take him to the Airfield to see the Railway Inspector Thomas joked he may need a washdown.

The next day Thomas was clean and took Sir Topham Hatt to the Airport the Railway Inspector was about to leave he was fed up because Diesel 10 scared him but he did enjoy visiting the Narrow Gauge Railway then he boarded Jermey. Then Thomas saw the Flying Scotsman still being a guard he was happy to keep the diesels out from the buffers. Then Thomas saw George helping the Pack with the Elsbridge platform George though wasn't happy when Nelson told to keep helping Thomas chuckled and went on. Captain was still searching for the Sodor Railway Repair he still hasn't seen him yet Thomas was worried about him but carried on.

At Knapford Station Diesel,'Arry and Bert were resting Sir Topham Hatt woked them up to apologize to them about helping Diesel 10. The diesels were happy and they went to do their jobs Thomas was surprised they were very truthful then Den and Norman arrived saying they're heading for the works like he told them. The diesels honked and were off Sir Topham Hatt was happy for Thomas helping save the railway then he told him to pull Annie & Clarabel on his branchline and Thomas puffed happily away.

Sir Topham Hatt walked up on Henry's Tunnel and saw all his engines being really useful Sir Topham Hatt was proud to be their controller and was happy to let them be part of the Sodor Railway.


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  • This special was supposed to be released on January 15, 2014 but due to the project being delayed a couple times it's release date had to be changed to March 20, 2015.
  • This special marks a lot of things to Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures:
    • Diesel 10's first appearance since Sodor's Last Stand.
    • Dart's name being said.
    • Norman's first appearance since Big City Rumor.
    • Sidney's first appearance since Trembling Trevor and his name being said.
    • Diesel, 'Arry and Bert's first time not helping out the diesels with their plans.
    • Trevor's field making a more screen time appearance than any other episode and special.
    • This also marks the Flying Scotsman's first appearance since the sixth season finale, An Opportunity of a Lifetime. It is also his last appearance until the fifteenth season premiere, Roundhouse Roulette.
    • Spamcan and Bowler's first appearance since Sodor's Last Stand.
    • The last appearance of Dart until Oliver's Eleven.
  • It is unknown why Bulstrode did not appear in this movie.
  • A reference from the Television Series episode Gordon Takes a Dip is mentioned.
  • This finally marks Diesel 10's last appearance to Date.
  • This also finally marks Splatter and Dodge's last appearance to Date.


  • Pinchy is not put back into place when Diesel 10 is defeated by the Flying Scotsman.
  • When Thomas falls off the track, his wheel is slightly tilted on the track.
  • Henry, James and Edward are smiling after their accident.


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