Burnett Stone is a Main Character in The 2000 Thomas and the Magic Railroad Movie film He is The Caretaker of Lady The Lost Magical Engine He also a Family Man He had a Wife named Tasha Stone She was Burnett Stone's Love Inteste He has a Daughter, a Son-in-Law and A Granddughter called Lily Stone. He Grew Up in The Town of Shining Time and Move to Muffle Moutain and Married Trasha He has Promise Trasha as a Child He Would Take Her on a Ride on Lady But failed to to get her Steam Up Before She died. after Her Death He Never Left Muffle Mountian and try to get Lady back up to Steam about Four Years Laters His Granddaughter Lily Stone Came to Visit Him and Her Help He Got Lady into Steam again and Became Happy again and found The Way to Believe in Magic with His Granddaughter Lily to Both Keep Their Shining Time Togther. He was also once a Childhood friend of P.T. Bommer.

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