Bulgy Takes the High Road
Bulgy Takes the High Road

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Bulgy Takes the High Road is the twelfth episode of the twelfth season.

Plot Edit

The Railway Inspector finally releases his review of Sir Topham Hatt's railway and the results are not good.


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In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Bulgy de la carretera Bulgy Off the Road
French Bulgy sur les rails Bulgy on the Rails
German Bulgy ist der High Road Bulgy Takes the High Road
Russian Bulgy и инспектор Bulgy and the Inspector
Italian Rigonfio e l'ispettore ferroviario Bulgy and the Railway Inspector
Dutch Passagiers op Bussen Passengers on Buses
Greek Bertie, φουσκωτός και οι επιβάτες Bertie, Bulgy and the Passengers
Hungarian Az utasok a buszok The Passengers Take the Buses
Korean 인스펙터 의 나쁜 검토 The Inspector's Bad Review
Chinese 檢查員,公交車和乘客 The Inspector, Buses and Passengers
Japanese 高架橋を走ったバルジー Buses or Engines?


  • A flashback from this episode is later used in Vicarstown Takedown.
  • This Makes the Final appearance of the Railway expecter to date (not counting a few mentions in later episodes and Flashback in Vicarstown Takedown), his model was later used as a normal passenger.
  • Den appears without Dart in this episode, because Dart is a traitor since Claw of the Law, until Season 13th episode, Sam I am.