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This is an article about The Steam Engine. You may be looking for The Diesel Engine.

Bert is a Blue Arlesdale Railway Tender Engine from The Arlesdale Railway.


Bert has not appeared throughout Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures, He made his first onscreen Appearance in Season 13.


According to Mike, Bert was The Quietest Engine out of The Three Arlesdale Railway Engines But nonetheless was nice to him and Thought He worked to be Really Useful.


  • In The Spanish Version of Keekre24's series, Bert is called Berto, which is coincidentally Bertie's name in the same Narration.
  • In The French Version of Keekre24's series, Bert is called Bért.



He is likely to appear in Season 17


Bert on The Arlesdale Railway in the Yard with Mike and Rex.