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Bear is a Green Diesel Who Came on Trial with Spamcan from The Other Railway. His Name Comes from The fact That His Engine Growls like a Bear.


Bear, Originally Known By His Number D7101, Came to Sodor with Spamcan. Spamcan Bad-Mouthed The Steam Engines, until Duck and D7101 managed to shut up Spamcan.

The next day, 7101 failed while pulling the 'limited.' Henry, who was Already Pulling Spamcan and His Oil-Tankers, Helped 7101 and His Passenger Train.

Spamcan was Sent Back to The Other Railway, while 7101 was Allowed to Stay, and Repainted and Renamed Bear.

In 2018, Bear is One of The international Engines Who Came to Sodor Due to The Great Railway Show's Terms and Conditions Being Changed to The island. He is first Seen at Vicarstown Station Alongside Engines Such as Yong Bao, Gina, Raul, Ashima, Ivan, Vinnie and Frieda and is Later Seen as One of The Engines Sleeping Nearby Vicarstown Sheds on a Siding.



  • Keekre24 Does Have a Custom Model Made for Bear, and it is a 1996 Model and was Planned to Be Use in The Episode "Thomas and Bear".
  • His Original first Appearance was Thomas and Bear, However, The Episode was Cancelled and Thus He wasn't Officially introduced until Roundhouse Roulette.