Albert is a blue narrow gauge saddle tank engine who works on the Mid-Sodor Railway.


Albert was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1878 and rebuilt by Falcon Works in 1879.

Albert first came to Sodor in 1887, he was the original No. 3 on the Mid-Sodor Railway to replace Mistress, he worked with Duke, Smudger, and Bertram. Freddie first came to the Mid-Sodor Railway in 1888 and worked with him.

While his brother Proteus first arrived on the Mid-Sodor Railway in 1892. he, and Proteus worked them, never rebuilt until 1899.

Albert got a rebuild in 1899 after his first accident, while Alfred arrived on Sodor. he was an inalosted engine retired in 1904, Falcon took his replace the number 3 and Stuart took Bertram's replace the number 4. Albert was the number 5 on the railway to replace Freddie, Freddie was the number 6. years never went.

In 1908, the manager bought three new engines, Jim, Tim, and John. he, and Duke worked with the other engines until 1919, while Jerry arrived, Albert while permanently close to.

The Mid-Sodor Railway closed in January 1947, Albert and the other engines were bought to their new railways. Albert was dead to be scrapped.



  • Albert does not have a model made by Keekre24, but it could be made from a Sir Handel or Proteus model with added number and a Stanley face.
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