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Ada, Jane, and Mabel are Three Blue Narrow Gauge Coaches.


When Skarloey returned, Peter Sam showed Skarloey around. Peter Sam Later met These Three Coaches and a Brakevan; He soon took Ada, Jane, and Mabel for the train at The Narrow Gauge Station where Henry was waiting.

Ada, Jane, Mabel and Cora were pulled into The Narrow Gauge Station. Henry had waited; The Passengers Cheered when Peter Sam Pulled The Coaches into The Narrow Gauge Station.


Sir Handel Prefers The Three as "Trucks" which make them angry.


Season 9: Special Tunnel (do not speak)

Season 10: A Crack in the Track, Captain's Crunch (cameo) and Mike Goes on Strike (do not speak)

Season 11: The Great Western Way (cameo) and Duncan in the Dumps (do not speak)

Specials: Claw of the Law (cameo)